Roger Evins was our #1 driver in seniority and job performance

September 20, 2013

Roger Evins

We are very sorry to announce the loss of our #1 driver both in seniority and in the job he performed for us.  Roger Evins passed away early Monday morning, September 2nd.  Dohrn Transfer lost an outstanding employee and a very good friend.

"I worked with Roger first when we were both in our early 20's, over 40 years ago.  He was a dispatcher then at the old Dohrn which was my grandfather's company.  We remained friends and joined up again in 1985 when I hired him as a driver for the new Dohrn.  I talked Roger into being a dispatcher again because he was so great at it.  He understood and cared about both the drivers and the customers," recalls Gary Dohrn.

Unfortunately for operations but very fortunate for his customers, when we went to computerized dispatching, Roger asked to go back into the truck.  He was a hands on guy who could do anything.  He liked being his own boss while driving and taking care of "his" customers.

Roger never missed work nor failed to complete his runs.  He worked when he was ill and in all types of weather.  He carried his own tools and when he left in the morning, we knew he would deliver all of his freight, make all of his pickups, and return home safely.  "I know what I have to do everyday and I go out and get it done" he claimed... and he did.

Roger was respected by his coworkers and loved by his customers.  "I like working with customers," he said in an interview, "I get along with all kinds of people.  If they have problems, I do my best to take care of them."

Roger spent his lifetime working at Dohrn because in his words, "Dohrn is family oriented."  Roger was a very important part of the Dohrn family and he will be greatly missed by all of those he touched.

Our sincere sympathy is extended to his wife, daughters, sons-in-law and 4 grandchildren.  We grieve for you and with you on the loss of this great treasure who made such an impact to all of us who had the pleasure of knowing him.

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