Equipment Upgrades

April 24, 2015

Photo of Gary with trucks

March of 2015 Dohrn Transfer Company took delivery the first batch of brand new tractors in effort to upgrade our fleet of equipment.  The new tractors meet all current emissions standards with a greatly reduced carbon footprint from the units they are replacing.  The DEF or after treatment systems on the trucks minimize exhaust pollution.  Technology in the new engines also increases fuel mileage both reducing costs and contributing to our green initiatives. 

The first 2015's to arrive were 41 Volvos followed by 50 Freightliners and at the end of April we will receive 50 Macks.  The Macks and Freightliners are equipped with cutting edge safety features including the Bendix Wingman Advanced systems.  These systems have a sensor on the front of the truck that detects objects in its path and works with the engine and brake system to help avoid contact.  

In addition to the 141 2015 tractors, 11 brand new straight trucks with liftgates are arriving next month.  The straight trucks will complement the 4 sprinter vans we are adding to the fleet.  This equipment will be used in our driver training programs as well as improving our ability to service limited access areas better. 

New equipment not only helps green initiatives and improves safety, it also improves driver satisfaction.  With a driver shortage estimated between 30,000 to 40,000 in 2015, driver retention is crucial to being able to service our customers.  With driver satisfaction in mind, Dohrn Transfer has also added 260 brand new roll door trailers.  Drivers have expressed their preference for roll doors to improve efficiency and ease of use.  

As we continue on our journey to consistently drive service up, improve quality and safety for those who share the road with our trucks, we will continue to add more equipment when needed.  

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