Boy Scouts Earn Merit Badge at Dohrn Transfer Shop

June 8, 2016

In June, the Rock Island shop had 22 visitors on a mission to earn a new merit badge. The scouts were from various troops and had gathered as part of a summer program.

The boys all had a chance to climb into a tractor and explore the vehicle from every angle. They learned about DOT inspections, hours of service, DVIR inspections, safety features, collision avoidance, cameras etc. After their trip to the shop, they spent some classroom time gaining an understanding of how dispatchers maintain communication with drivers on the road.Next, they had a Q&A session with a driver centered around safe-driving rules. Finally, driver logs and federal regulations were covered.

Everyone involved in this program benefited from the experience. The boy scouts were engaged and polite. Dohrn Transfer employees thoroughly enjoyed interacting with them.

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