Dohrn Logistics

Dohrn Logistics is a division of Dohrn Transfer focused on full service logistical solutions for our customers. Our logistical approach doesn't try to force our customers into a "one size fits all" solution. Instead, we study and analyze our customers' shipping networks and needs in conjunction with Dohrn's network to develop a custom-fit solution that builds upon our transportation assets and technology infrastructure.

Our strength is that we provide both the logistical expertise and the actual freight movement and management, all within the same infrastructure. Traditional logistics providers and TMS platforms have to focus too much effort just on integrating these separate entities, and the result is vague status updates and communication delays from having too many parties in the mix. Our TMS infrastructure sits directly on top of our dispatching and freight management back end, which guarantees the TMS is always completely in-tune with the operational reality.

Dohrn Logistics is staffed by in-house experts in consolidation, mode-optimization, data warehousing and transportation network design. Instead of layers of separate companies and the associated high costs and finger-pointing, our customers get one point of contact and no excuses; just results.

We are experienced in an array of modern technologies in order to deliver flexible and powerful solutions for our customers. Technologies deployed include real-time GPS, mode-optimization, lane consolidation, XML interchanges, open data warehouses and custom web interfaces using Ruby on Rails technology.

If you're ready to get rid of the excuses and start getting results, then drop our logistics team a note and see what we can do for you.
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