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Available Shipping Reports

Active Shipment Report - View Example

The daily Active Shipment Report recaps all of your shipments that are currently active in our system. It gives latest available ETA's and one-click access to shipping document images and a real-time trace link.

Charges can be included (if available) or excluded, depending on intended recipient.This report is sent to your email M-F between 8:15am and 8:30am, central time.

Available Invoice/Freight Charge Reports

Freight Charge Report - View Example

The daily Freight Charge Report lists all of your shipments that were shipped on the previous business day and their preliminary total freight charges. In addition to the summary page, as the example screenshot shows, each report comes with a detail file in CSV format. This file contains many more shipment and charge details and is easily imported by Excel or freight-payment systems.

This report is sent to your email M-F between 7:00am and 7:15am, central time.

Report requests are processed daily every business day. Before activating your request, we will seek approval from our sales contact to ensure your eligibility for receiving the report. Complete this form to request your report.

Active Shipment Report - including freight charges
Active Shipment Report - excluding freight charges
Freight Charge report

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