Expedited & Guaranteed Services

Dohrn offers three levels of expedited and guaranteed services to allow you to tailor your shipment to your exact needs and priorities. All three of these levels are guaranteed to meet the defined commitments or your freight charges are refunded. Reference our standard published transit times at our Check Coverage and Transit Time page to help determine the mode that is most appropriate for your shipment needs.

Dohrn Dependable

Your shipment will delivery by the end of business day, based on our standard published transit days. The cost for this is a straightforward 25% up-charge with a minimum increase of $50.

Dohrn Definite

Your shipment will deliver in our standard transit days but within a specific delivery time window. Dohrn Definite shipments are quoted on a per-shipment basis.

Dohrn Dedicated

Your shipment will deliver faster than our standard transit days and within an optional specific delivery time window. Dohrn Dedicated shipments are quoted on a per-shipment basis.

All Levels

For a quote, either use our Expedited & Guaranteed Quote page, or call our quote department at 800-747-3506. The rules and stipulations of our guaranteed program are defined in item 565 of our DHRN 100 Rules Tariff.

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