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13 Essentials for Your Winter Emergency Car Kit (+Checklist)

Colder temperatures likely mean snowfall is expected.  Children get excited for snow days and playing outside, but this change in weather does not make for fun driving conditions.  We care about your safety and want you to be prepared in the event you end up stuck in the snow. 

Your winter emergency kit should include basic survival supplies, safety items, car maintenance tools, and winter clothing. Before venturing out into the cold weather, pack up a roadside emergency kit with these recommendations.  

1. Flashlight

Nighttime or near-blizzard conditions can decrease visibility to near-zero. A bright flashlight can provide much-needed light to either work on getting back on the road or signal to others for help. It’s smart to keep extra batteries in your emergency survival kit.

2. Bag of cat litter

For those new to winter weather, icy conditions greatly reduce your tire traction. To get your car unstuck, pour non-clumping kitty litter in the path of your tires. Other alternatives include sand or road salt.

3. Snow shovel

If snow starts piling up around your car on the side of the road, you’ll need a shovel to help you clear a path or uncover your car. Keep your car visible to rescue teams by limiting the amount of snow surrounding it or covering your taillights.

4. First aid kit

A basic first aid kit can come in handy in the event of minor scrapes or pains, but even more so if you’re stranded. If you take daily medications, you should also pack extras away in your kit.

5. Ice scraper

People familiar with winter weather know how vital a windshield scraper is for getting ice and snow off of a windshield. During a deep freeze or emergency situation, you don’t want to waste time — or your car’s battery — waiting to defrost a thick sheet of ice on your windshield.

6. Jumper cables

Speaking of batteries, you’ll need to be able to jumpstart your car if the battery goes dead. While jumping a car is common, it can be dangerous if you don’t do it correctly. Most importantly, reduce the risk of sparking by never touching the clamps end to end and avoid any moisture near the cables.

7. Water

Dehydration is a serious threat when you’re stranded. Keep a large jug of water—preferably glass—in your car for emergencies. Replace the water every few months since it may go through extreme temperature changes inside your car.

8. Blanket

Pack a large, thick blanket away in your car to keep you warm in winter weather or to use as padding in case you need to work on your car. Consider adding a reflective emergency blanket or sleeping bag to your kit too.

9. Cell phone charger

This is essential for most drivers already but it won’t hurt to add an extra charger with a lighter adapter to your kit. Of course, this assumes you have enough gas and battery to keep your car running to get a charge so consider packing a portable phone charger too.

10. Reflective triangles

Breaking down on the side of the road can put you at risk for passing drivers, especially in low visibility conditions. Put out reflective triangles to make your car more visible and protect from any hazards. 

11. Non-perishable snacks

Granola bars, nuts, crackers, dried fruit, and jerky are a few examples of snacks you can keep on hand in case you get stranded. Like the water, you should replace these every few months or sooner so they don’t expire. 

12. Matches

Waterproof matches or a lighter can provide some light and warmth in case of emergency. These small items hardly take up any space in your kit too. 

13. Toolkit

Similar to the first aid kit, a basic toolkit can be useful year-round in your car. From small repairs to changing a tire, keep these on hand in case you need them. 

Other recommended items 

For those who like to always be prepared, consider adding a few more items to your winter car emergency kit. Stock up with plenty of winter clothing like a hat, large coat, socks, and gloves to stay warm and dry. 

Pack these additional supplies if you have space in your car:

  • Extra winter clothes
  • Snow boots
  • Tire chains
  • Duct tape
  • Empty gas can
  • Tow strap
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Road flare
  • Snow brush
  • Traction mats

Dohrn is happy to announce our Fort Wayne Indiana Terminal is OPEN for Business!!

Adding Fort Wayne as our 22nd Terminal will give us additional capacity along with improved service for our Indiana customers. We welcomed & thank our new team members for their support last week with their FIRST EVER appreciation week! Thanks for helping us be The Best in the Midwest!

It’s electric!

Introducing our first all electric vehicle!

Dohrn is proud to have it’s first electric vehicle in it’s fleet as part of our commitment to sustainability for our future.

Dohrn Cares is a committee of employees established based on our core value of Personal Touch. Our employees and their families live in the communities surrounding Dohrn terminal locations. We are passionate about supporting those communities by volunteering our time and contributions.

Recently our employees volunteered serving at Kings Harvest hot breakfast event – Kings Harvest Ministries serves the poor and homeless in the Quad Cities. Providing for the community by meeting their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Every week King’s Harvest serves hot meals to 500+ people in need.

Dohrn Transfer is excited to announce the opening this summer of the fourth Indiana location.  The addition of a 21 door terminal in Fort Wayne, Indiana will give Dohrn Transfer additional capacity in the state of Indiana.  

“Dohrn Transfer has been in the state of Indiana for 15 years.  We opened in Plymouth and Indianapolis 15 years ago in response to our customers’ need to have direct service from Nebraska to Indiana.  There weren’t any regional carriers that could offer direct service within a 2 day transit between those states.  Over the years, we have greatly grown our customer base because of the competitive transit times, on time service and personal touch of a regional carrier, “ says Heather Dohrn, CCO of Dohrn Transfer.

 This opportunity will allow Dohrn Transfer to take on additional business to support the needs of current and future customers.    

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