Dohrn Transfer encourages and supports electronic transmission of bill of ladings.  Electronic bill of ladings (EBOL’s) have many benefits for both the customer and carrier. 

EBOL’s allow shippers to pass information to the carrier via an electronic data interchange.  The carrier who receives this information has the data needed to position capacity in the right place.  This also allows the carrier to create more efficient and timely linehauls because they have the exact projections for each lane. 

Customers enjoy instant visibility of their shipment via their portal because EBOL’s allow the carrier to have the billing information connected to the shipment before the shipment is picked up. 

By eliminating manual data entry which is needed with paper bill of ladings, there are less errors made on delivery documents.  Shipments deliver where they are intended saving everyone time and money.

Customers who want to be set up EBOL’s will need to set up EDI or API with Dohrn Transfer.  We will need to receive full shipper address, total pieces, weight, full consignee information, freight class and any special delivery instructions.  This can be done through 204’s or 211’s.  For more information, please contact