Dohrn offers full coverage to Canada through our Canada Link partners. This enables our Midwest customer base to seamlessly ship to and from Canada.

Help with shipping from the US to Canada


There are 3 documents you must complete and give to Dohrn Transfer at time of pickup when shipping to Canada:

  1. Bill of Lading. This is the same document that you already use to ship within the US. The only change is the consignee listed should be the ultimate consignee destination in Canada. Make sure to include the Canadian province, the 6-character Canadian postalcode, and Canadian country code (CA). Download Bill of Lading
  2. Canada Customs Invoice. This document is required by Canada Customs to determine duty/taxes (if applicable). Download the Canada Customs Invoice
  3. NAFTA Certificate of Origin. This document determines the NAFTA benefit eligibility of your shipment. Download the NAFTA Certificate of Origin

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a customs broker?

  • A customs broker is hired to represent the importer (receiver/consignee) clearing goods through Canada Customs. The broker will process and present the shipping documents to Customs. In most cases, the Canadian consignee will be the importer, meaning they will choose and pay for the services of a customs broker.
  • Remember, the carrier (freight movement) and customs brokerage services are two completely separate transactions.
  • The carrier will bill for freight charges and the broker will bill for clearance services.
  • The customs broker can answer any additional questions you may have related to duty, taxes, permits etc.

If my customer in Canada does not have a broker, do I need to hire one?

If the importer in Canada does not have a broker, you the shipper in the U.S. may consider becoming a Non-resident importer (NRI). Some benefits to becoming an NRI are:

  • Provides the U.S. shipper the ability to quote a complete delivered price to the Canadian customer inclusive of the cost of goods, cost of transportation, cost of brokerage and related duties or tax.
  • Becoming an NRI is becoming more popular among U.S. Corporations marketing to Canada. It creates a less complicated sales environment for your Canadian Customer

It is important to list the name of the broker on the customs documents to avoid delays.

Am I eligible for NAFTA?

As a result of the North American Free Trade Agreement, shipments destined to Canada may qualify duty free. Contact your customs broker for eligibility.

Who is responsible for duty and taxes?

The importer of record (purchaser of the goods, generally the consignee in Canada) is Responsible for taxes or duty (if applicable). If the shipper in the U.S. is a Non-resident Importer (NRI) then the shipper is responsible.