In addition to our suite of transportation services, Dohrn Transfer also owns and operates 500,000 square feet of public warehouse space that adjoins our company headquarters in Rock Island Illinois.

Our warehouse features high-bay storage, optional temperature-controlled space,sprinkler systems, drive-in doors, and specialty equipment, including clamp trucks,carpet poles, and drum and slip sheet attachments.

Additionally, our warehouse offers direct access to the Burlington Northern Rail Service, for the direct receipt from or shipment to rail cars.

Our warehouse operation is backed by a world-class warehouse receipt and inventory control system, ABECAS Insight by Argos Software. This empowers us and our customers with complete and accurate vision and control into the goods in our warehouse in real-time. We support all standard warehouse EDI transactions, and we additionally support barcode and RFID based on customer needs.

The value of our warehouse operation shines when our transportation network is combined with your warehouse storage needs. Because it is adjacent to our transportation headquarters, easy and efficient transportation options are always available. Our transportation partner network enables us to move your goods from our warehouse to any point in the continental United States completely hassle-free.

Trust our experts with your storage and distribution needs to empower you to take your business to the next level.

To learn more about our warehouse storage and distribution services, please contact our Warehouse Storage and Distribution team.