Pool Distribution

Pool distribution is the distribution of orders to numerous destination points within a particular geographic region. Characteristics include a high frequency of regular shipments in LTL quantities, typically in the 150 to 10,000 pound range. Pool distribution represents a superior and cost-effective alternative to the costs of traditional LTL shipments. Instead of shipping direct from origin shipper to consignee, orders are shipped on consolidated trailers direct to regional terminals. There, the pool is offloaded, segregated and sorted by consignee, then reloaded onto local delivery trucks for delivery to the ultimate destinations.

Dohrn Transfer offers experience and expertise in pool distribution. Our dense and flexible terminal network allows us to receive, break, and inventory your goods at the service center that will be making the final delivery. This decreases ship times, handling occurrences, and shipping costs. Our back-end allows us to give you vision into your goods throughout every step of this process.


Consolidate is the reverse of pool distribution. We gather individual shipments from shippers throughout our operating territory and inventory and consolidate at our regional hubs. We then build detailed consolidated loads in to your receiving locations. This offers cost savings similar to pool distribution but you still maintain vision into every individual shipment through our detailed receipt and consolidate processes. We offer additional value-added services of assembly, labeling, barcode scanning, and RFID application.

If you think your shipping needs present an opportunity for the improvements that a proper pool distribution or consolidation can give, then Contact our sales team today to schedule dialog with our pool distribution and consolidation experts.