Web Services

External tracking link To add a tracking link to any of your systems, all you need to do is append the pro number of the shipment in question to the following link: 


This enables your customers and users one-click access to the most current status of any shipment you’ve shipped with us. A recommendation is to set up your system to use pre-allocated pro numbers if this is a service you’ll be using heavily. If you’d like to get set up with a batch of pre-allocated pros, Contact our IT department with your request. 

XML Shipment Trace 

» Tracking Link Specs

This service allows you to trace the current status of any Dohrn Transfer shipment. You only need to provide the Dohrn pro number to make this inquiry, if it does not find a match then it looks for a shipment with that BOL number.  Use the following link for this service:



PRONUMBER = the Dohrn Transfer pro number of the shipment

Alternatively, you can search based only on the BOL number, using the following link:




You will get greater results and links to available scanned document images when you track using your username and password with either of the above queries.  Here is an example:



USERID = your user ID
PASSWORD = your password

The response is a straightforward XML response containing the real-time tracing status of the shipment.

XML Shipment Alerts

» Shipment Alert Specs

This service allows you to request status update alerts on specific shipments to be delivered by email. Use the following link for this service:



USERID = your user ID
PASSWORD = your password
PRO1,PRO2 = a comma delimited list of pro numbers (1 or more allowed)
TYPE1,TYPE2 = a comma delimited list of event types (1 or more allowed). Valid types are SHIP, APPT, OFD, POD
EMAILADDRESS = a valid email address to receive the alerts

The response is a straightforward XML response acknowledging the request.

XML Rate Query

» Rate Quote Specs

This service allows you to query our rate engine to determine rates and transit days based on your specific customer profile.

You do need to have an existing login and password, and a profile that has real-time rate inquires available. Click the “Register” link at the top if you do not have this information, or visit our Contact page for help with getting an account. To use this, pass your query to our server using the following format:



USERID = your user ID
PASSWORD = your password
ORIGZIP = shipment origin zip
DESTZIP = shipment destination zip
X = line-item line number
PIECES = line-item pieces
PALLETS = line-item pallets
WEIGHT = line-item weight
CLASS = line-item class

Multiple line-items can be passed by repeating the wpieces, wpallets, wweight, vclass sequence with incrementing line-item line numbers.

Optionally, accessorial charges can be added to the request. Just append the accessorial codes needed with an argument of “yes” and they will be included in the quote response. For example, by appending these characters to the above URL, the residential delivery accessorial would be added to the quote:


A list of available accessorial codes is available here:


The response will be in XML format and will include rate and transit day details. A sample response follows:

        <chargedesc>DISCOUNT 76</chargedesc>
        <chargedesc>FUEL SURCHARGE</chargedesc>
        <charge> 90.01</charge>
        <chargedesc>RESIDENTIAL DELIVERY</chargedesc>
        <chargedesc>DELIVERY SURCHARGE</chargedesc>
    <quotedatetime>08/10/2011 15:15:07.062-07:00</quotedatetime>

XML Transit Time

» Transit Time Specs

This service allows you to query transit time details between an origin and destination. Use the following link for this service:



SHIPPERZIP = the shipper’s zip code
CONSIGNEEZIP = the consignee’s zip code
PICKUPDATE = the pickup date of the shipment

The response is a straightforward XML response containing the transit time details of the shipment.