Dohrn Transfer utilizes digitized delivery receipts for all deliveries.  Electronic delivery receipts are made possible with the use of tablets.  At the time of delivery, Dohrn drivers will use tablets to enter notes about the shipment before asking the consignee to sign the electronic device.  The signature is added as an overlay to the bill with the digital signature.  Within 5 minutes, the document is linked to the paying customer’s account and can be viewed in their portal.  Consignees can request a copy of the delivery receipt by emailing or he/she can log in and view the receipt if they are the paying customer.  The driver can also enter the consignee’s email address on the tablet at the time of delivery and it will be emailed instantly to the person.

We encourage shippers to digitize their supply chain through technology by replacing manual, paper-based information processes with electronic ones. Eliminating paper is an obvious benefit of electronic delivery receipts, but Dohrn has identified 4 additional benefits for their customers to consider. 

1. Reduce Paper Waste

Take steps with us towards a greener future. Dohrn delivers approximately 5,000 shipments a day.  If we had 100% compliance from shippers, we could keep 1.3 million pieces of paper a day out of the landfill.

2. Visibility

Gain instant access online to who signed for the shipment and how it was signed by the shipper or customer.

3. Reducing Errors and Less Lost Delivery Receipts

The electronic delivery receipt is instantly available for viewing and tied to the shipment.  There are fewer chances of the receipts getting lost, delayed in scanning, tied to the wrong pro number, etc.

4. Improved efficiency for both shipper and carrier

Receiving the final signature instantly allows shippers and logistics companies to close the transaction with their customers and send invoices a day sooner.

Electronic Delivery Receipts FAQ

How do I get a copy of my delivery receipt?

  • The driver can send a copy to your email address at the time of delivery.  Simply request an email from the driver
  • Send an email with your pro number to requesting the delivery receipt
  • Log in to your account at  Enter the shipment number and then click on “Delivery Receipt”

How can I make a note of an exception?

  • The driver can enter any note you wish to make on the delivery receipt.  It will be printed on the delivery receipt and updated in our system. 

Where can I find the details of the shipment?

  • Drivers can show you the information that they have on their tablets.
  • You can access information via the Dohrn website by logging in to your account.
  • Send an email with your pro number to requesting details.
  • Additionally, we can send you an Out for Delivery Report that gives the full details of all shipments destined for your facility. Please click here to learn more.

 How long will it take for my delivery receipt to be available online?

  • Delivery receipts will be uploaded to the website in approximately 5 minutes.

See attached flier