EDI is an electronic exchange of data, usually between businesses. Using a standard format, EDI provides a method of transmitting business data from one computer to another, without the need to retype the data. This electronic link can result in more effective business transaction.

Transaction Sets

Dohrn supports all industry standard EDI transactions, version 4010, including:


  • 204 Pickup Tender Request
  • 210 Electronic Freight Bill (Invoice)
  • 211 Bill of Lading
  • 212 Delivery Trailer Manifest
  • 214 Shipment Status
  • 820 Remittance Advice
  • 990 Response to a Load Tender

Warehouse/Supply Chain:

  • 846 Inventory Advice
  • 850 Purchase Order
  • 856 ASN / Receiving Notice
  • 940 Shipment Order
  • 944 Receipt Acknowledgment
  • 945 Shipment Confirmation


  • 997 Acknowledgment


Dohrn supports traditional VAN interchanges or direct interchanges using AS2 or FTP.


To establish an EDI relationship with Dohrn, simply send an email to edi@dohrn.com with your desired sets and communication methodology and we’ll take it from there.