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We offer complete-state coverage in Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, Nebraska and Wisconsin. Additionally we offer partial-state coverage in Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota and South Dakota.  Dohrn also offers enhanced services between […]

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» Dohrn Rules Tariff – effective 11-07-2022 » Fuel Surcharge Supplement » Download DHRN 500 Rate Calculator for Windows » Dohrn Region Zip Code Definitions Current Dohrn Rate Tariff Pricing […]

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Miscellaneous Information Classification and Measurements-Two of the most important factors that affect your shipping costs are the freight classification and the density of the shipment. Determining Freight Classification-To correctly rate […]

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DHRN 500 Rate Calculator Updated as of: 03/25/2023  National Average is $4.185 Current LTL fuel surcharge: 41.52% Current TL fuel surcharge: 55.52% If the rate calculator is not displaying properly […]

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File a Claim: To file a claim, you may download our claims form and either fax it to the number listed on the form or email it to Check the Status of […]

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