Dohrn Transfer Company Implements Trailer Trackers

Posted On 19 August 2021

Dohrn one of first LTL carriers to use trailer trackers

Rock Island, IL – Dohrn Transfer Company (Dohrn), a leader in transportation, warehouse and logistics services, announced today, the company has completed full implementation of trailer trackers for their LTL service. Dohrn is one of the first LTL carriers in the industry to offer this level of tracking on its trailers.   

Using geofencing technology, trailer trackers add operational efficiencies.  Reporting results in better utilization of equipment and verification of time spent making deliveries and pickups at customer locations.  Trailer trackers automate dwell time reports resulting in better costing and detention information.

“We use dropped trailers with many of our larger shippers,” said Heather Dohrn, VP of Sales & Marketing.  “Using the GPS tracking, the driver can cut down on the time that he/she spends making pickups at these locations.  Since we use the dwell time when we calculate our costing information for individual customers, this improved efficiency will allow us to offer more competitive rates for these customers.”

Dohrn is seeing additional yard check efficiencies as well.  Time is saved at the Dohrn terminals because drivers and yard spotters are directed to exactly where trailers are parked.  “Driver time is our most valuable resource, so cutting minutes out of each trip to a yard in a hunt for a trailer adds up quickly,” Dohrn continued.  “By speeding up the time it takes to bring trailers in for unloading or loading, our trucks are able to launch earlier.  Customers enjoy earlier deliveries as a result.”

From a safety standpoint, the Dohrn Maintenance department uses the trackers to route trailers into the shop for preventive maintenance.  Dohrn is also able to quickly identify the exact location of a breakdown and issue authorities.

Moving into freeze protection season, Dohrn will use the trailer trackers to utilize and move their heated equipment to those shipments that need it during freezing temperatures.