Electronic Delivery Receipts Saves 120 Trees Annually

Posted On 19 August 2021

Dohrn Transfer Company Announces Electronic Delivery Receipts Saves 120 Trees Annually

LTL industry leader in electronic delivery receipts

Rock Island, IL (July 9, 2021) – Dohrn Transfer Company (Dohrn), a leader in transportation, warehouse and logistics services, announced today that the first month using electronic delivery receipts has reduced paper use by 15% which enough to save 10 trees.  Dohrn is an industry leader in this technology and sustainability initiative. 

Electronic delivery receipts are made possible with the use of tablets.  At the time of delivery, Dohrn drivers will use tablets to enter notes about the shipment before asking the consignee to sign the electronic device.  The signature is added as an overlay into the bill with the digital signature.  The document and delivery data are instantly available in the customer’s web portal.  Additionally, customers have the option to have the digital receipt emailed at the time of delivery.  Drivers also have the technology to capture a photo of the freight to provide a complete digital profile of the shipment.  This instant access to delivery information via technology is a benefit for third party logistics providers, shippers and consignees.  After only one month, Dohrn has 80% of customers successfully using the electronic delivery receipts. 

The announcement comes as the Midwest LTL carrier encourages shippers to digitize their supply chain through technology by replacing manual, paper-based information processes with electronic ones. Eliminating paper is an obvious benefit of electronic delivery receipts, but Dohrn has identified 4 additional benefits for their customers to consider. 

  1. Reduce Paper Waste
    • Take steps with us towards a greener future.  After the initial month of using electronic delivery receipts, Dohrn has reduced paper use by over 100,000 pages.  This saves 120 trees annually.  With further customized programming in the works, Dohrn anticipates seeing that number grow.
  2. Visibility
    • Third party logistics providers and shippers used to have to wait until the follow business day to access the documents will now have instant access to the information.
  3. Reducing Errors and Less Lost Delivery Receipts
    • The electronic delivery receipt is instantly available for viewing and tied to the shipment.  There are less chances of the receipts getting lost, delayed in scanning, tied to the wrong pro number, etc.
  4. Improved Efficiency for Both Shipper and Carrier
    • Receiving the final signature instantly allows shippers and logistics companies to close the transaction with their customers and send invoices a day sooner.
  5. Minimize the Spread of Viruses
    • By reducing the amount of paper being passed between people, we are also minimizing the spread of germs. Electronic Delivery Receipts can also help improve social distancing.