Heat Track 2019-2020 Season

Posted On 30 October 2019

At Dohrn Transfer we take pride in the care we give to our customers and their freight and cold weather days are no exception. Dohrn Transfer’s Protect From Freezing Service, Heat Track, is designed to protect products capable of freezing between October 1st and April 30th.

Dohrn Transfer will develop a cost-effective solution to protect your freezable shipments capable of freezing below 32°F from the moment of pick up to final destination.

AVAILABLE IN: â—† Midwest â—† Mid-Atlantic â—† New York City & Long Island


â—†  We guarantee your freight will be protected from the cold with heated trailers, blankets, portable heaters and warm storage spaces inside our terminal buildings.

â—†  1,300+ heated trailers, the largest fleet of heated trailers in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic regions.

â—†  Your shipments will receive priority in our system because of our extensive technology capabilities. We will identify these shippers who have freezable shipments right at the point of pick up and monitor these shipments all the way through to delivery.

â—†  We monitor and compare weather conditions through a variety of online sources and technologies to manage forecast predictions and determine special handling procedures for your freezable shipments protected by our Heat Track service.

â—†  Your freight is guaranteed against freezable damage.

â—†  You will receive a cost-effective solution to protect your freezable goods 7 days a week. Pickups and deliveries made Monday through Friday.

â—†  Our reliability is backed by our industry leading claims ratio of .0002%.


â—†  Any customer can use Heat Track to guarantee freezable protection. Contact your Sales Representative so they can work with our Operations team to move your freezable goods, even on the coldest days.

â—†  When you need Heat Track service, shippers need to communicate in advance of tender and clearly and boldly mark “Protect From Freezing” on the freight and shipment Bill of Lading (BOL).

â—†  A Heat Track surcharge will be applied on all shipments that are marked “Protect From Freezing” during Dohrn Transfer’s Protect From Freezing season, which runs October 1st through April 30th.


Dohrn Transfer protects all shipments from freezing while in our possession. However, in the case of extreme weather conditions, service standards may be extended. In the event a Heat Track shipment freezes and is unsalvageable, Dohrn Transfer will pay up to $5.00 per pound for the damaged portion of the shipment subject to a maximum claim of $5,000 per shipment.

Dohrn Heat Track Brochure